The only way I can study


Something cool I noticed about #gta5 #ambulance #mrsa #emt #paramedic

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When a patient’s family member rides up front and doesn’t speak the entire trip


I’m like…


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When your patient calls god a nigger and tells you to shoot semen everywhere, you know you’re on University Manor’s 5th floor….

RC: My future looks brighter everyday


When you realize medic school is only the beginning, it doesn’t seem as tough as it is. I have composed a list of all the certifications I will eventually need in the next 2-5 years in my life beginning with my EMT-P.

With my medic will come: ACLS, PALS, and possibly ITLS. CPR is a given.



Successful first day of school. Cranked out some homework for 5 hours too. #ems #paramedic #school

The first time I try to study in the park and there is a huge fucking event about to start with a thousand fucking kids shouting and yelling. What the fuck.

First day of school tomorrow omg omg omg omg I’m so fucking excited.

Had a shity day with good calls.

Got to transport a 10 month old and my partner had to administer some morphine. Had a chest pain call. Had yet another insanely crazy psych call. Only took 8 people to hold this lady down and she was 74!

Another day in the life

When your partner stands and a talks to everyone we run into.

Shut the hell up. Lets fucking go.