she is recovering


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Over a year of hard work, countless hours of clinicals and studying, and I’m finally a graduate and Nationally Registered and functioning Paramedic in Ohio! Thanks to my family and anyone who supported me along the way!

Tru dat

Fuck yes!

Taking my Paramedic National Registry tomorrow at 1430. It has felt this entire 13 months that I would never get there. Well hey, I’m there. And I’m ready to dominate this test. I have a lot of faith in myself as a Paramedic. Skills test is to follow Thursday. I could possibly be a Nationally Registered Paramedic this Thursday! I can’t even believe it. Thanks to everyone who had faith in me that I could do it, especially my parents. I’m so stoked!



son these grades are unacceptable

well maybe if you’d stop eating my fucking homework dad

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How I feel about most my patients.

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Happening Now (10.8.14): Oh dear God, not again. Another life lost in St Louis. So little information right now, but it seems that an unarmed 18-year old boy was tased then shot 16 times by an officer, possibly off-duty. Not clear what provoked the event, but I’ll keep you updated as info is released. #staywoke #blacklivesmatter

Be weary of the police reports so far. ALL witness statements seem to contradict it, but the police refuse to interview any of them. They seem to be concocting a story right now to cover for the officer. It’s looking real grim right now.

Follow the Argus Livestream as events unfold tonight.

I can not believe this

16 shots though?!

20 year old with a weapon fighting the cop tho…

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Check out this classy “luxury” ALS transport unit. Freakin’ yuppies, man.

Bronx-based company offers an ambulance with ambience—and then some: mahagany paneling, leather upholstery, widescreen TV with surround sound, 300-thread-count linens. The VIP treatment costs up to $350 an hour.


But just think for those patients that are going on a long transport to a hospital hours away because that’s the only hospital that will treat their illness they may have and they know it may be bad… Fuck if I was going to get something removed or knew something really bad is wrong and I’m waiting for it… Not only will a compassionate caregiver be wonderful, but this would be amazing too. I’d rather look at this for 4 hours than the back of a vanbulance thinking, “I wonder how many people have died in here… I’m probably going to die. Great.”

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Ohio State Highway Patrol. And Arnold.